Tolerance Of Islam And One’s Desires

  • When one relieves their desires in the proper way, within marriage, they would receive reward for this. The Prophet s said: “… And ordering with the good is a greatly rewarded deed and forbidding evil is a rewarded deed, and when you approach your wife, desiring her, you will also receive a reward. The Companions said: ‘O Messenger of Allah would one of us approach his wife, desiring her and receive a reward?’ The Prophet s said, ‘Do you not see if he relieves his desire in an unlawful manner, that he will be punished? Likewise if he relieves this desire in a lawful manner, he will be rewarded.’” (Muslim)
  • One of the beautiful things about Islam is that normal, average, day-to-day activities transform into acts of worship if done in accordance with the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah, and in remembrance of Allah and His Commands. Eating, drinking, and exercising, when done with the intention of preparing oneself to do that which is ordained by God, would be greatly rewarded. The Prophet s said: “When spends his wealth in order to maintain his family, he would receive a reward for that.” (Bukhari)